iPhone 16 Bezels May go Much Thinner.

According to a supply chain assessment, suppliers are facing difficulties in meeting the required volume needs due to the recent design modifications.

The Elec rumor suggests that the bezels surrounding the displays of the iPhone 16 could perhaps become even thinner than their current state. This research specifically examines the specifics of the display supply chain. However, it is important to note that the information provided may only be relevant to the iPhone 16 Pro models. These models have previously been believed to have a slightly larger display, increasing by a few tenths of an inch diagonally, while maintaining a similar phone body size. To accomplish that, the solution would include reducing the width of the bezels.

The research specifically addresses the latest developments in the display supply chain. Samsung is anticipated to be the primary provider of displays for the iPhone 16 series, as is the case with current iPhone models. However, a lesser proportion of panels for the iPhone 16 Pro models will be provided by LG Display, while BOE will supply the displays for the standard iPhone 16 models. The paper discusses the shift in suppliers of display driver circuits to LG Display and highlights the challenges faced by all display manufacturers in enhancing yields for the high-quality panels required by Apple, particularly with regards to the “Border Reduction Structure” that enables thinner bezels. This method necessitates more precise circuit placement and involves bending certain portions of the wiring in a downward direction.

Apple has been actively working to reduce the size of its bezels in recent years. The Apple Watch Series 7 increased the screen size from 40mm and 44mm to 41mm and 45mm by reducing the size of the bezels. Additionally, the iMac and MacBook models have recently undergone redesigns that have thinner bezels. The iPhone 15 Pro now features remarkably slim bezels surrounding its screen, necessitating the utilization of intricate manufacturing methods to achieve any additional reduction.

Apple is anticipated to unveil the latest iPhone 16 iterations during a September event. Keep yourself informed about the most recent speculations and updates regarding the upcoming iPhone by referring to our comprehensive iPhone 16 superguide.